How to Start

Option #1 - You've never done CrossFit

We require everyone to start out with a beginners clinic.  This is the best way to introduce you to CrossFit and teach some of the basic movements. After the beginners classes, you may join into the regular group classes. We also offer "Bring a Friend Saturday"  on the 2nd Saturday of every month at  8 am and 9 am. This is a FREE try it out day! The next step is enrolling in a 2 day Beginners Clinic which run monthly. During this clinic you will get an in-depth look at our beliefs, our theory on health and fitness, and basic movement principles. After completing the clinic you are ready to move into the normal group classes. To sign up for the Beginners Clinic see membership options below.

Option #2 - Experienced Crossfitter

If you have done CrossFit before you may choose to bypass the Beginners Class and go directly into the group classes. See membership options below for more information. 

Dropping In

We Love it when out of town CrossFitters Drop in

All we ask is that you get signed up and registered into the class you wish to go to prior to coming. We do limit the number of athletes in each class and having all the paper work filled out before you come helps us focus on coaching you. Just click the link below, pick the class you want to join, and follow the steps to register. 

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Membership Options

Beginners Clinic ($40.00)

3 classes

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CFC's Little Powerhouses Session ($60.00)

2 classes per week 

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Unlimited Membership ($120.00)

Unlimited classes

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2 Days a Week Membership ($80.00)

2 classes per week

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3 Days a Week Membership ($100.00)

3 classes per week

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Full Time Student Unlimited Membership ($65.00)

Unlimited classes

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Unlimited Membership ***plus CFC Competition Club ($150.00)

Unlimited classes

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10 Visit Punch Card ($150.00)

10 classes

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Drop Ins($20.00)

Sign up by clicking the "Register Now" option above.  

Dual Membership with CrossFit Petoskey

We do offer a dual membership with CFP. Please talk to a staff member if interested.  

Class Description

Beginners Clinic Classes

The goal of the Beginners Class is to get you performing the common uncommonly well. The Beginners Clinic is used to get beginner athletes or anyone wanting to start CrossFit introduced to the movements and the flow of a class. It is a slower paced skill development class. You will receive an aerobic workout with light-moderately to light weightlifting and focus on improving your joint mobility and flexibility. You will get to track your results and monitor progress. 

CrossFit Group Classes

The CrossFit group classes are the backbone of what we do at CrossFit Charlevoix. In a small group setting, we provide your exercise programming  warm-up, workout, skill or strength, and mobility work, as well as supply all the necessary equipment. You will learn the basics of powerlifting, olympic weightlifting, basic gymnastics and bodyweight movements, proper running mechanics and much more. Group classes will be lead by a CrossFit certified coach who will guide you through your workout to ensure the movements are performed in a safe and effective manner.

CFC's Competition Club

This group runs after hours for 90 minute sessions and is for unlimited members only who are looking to add to their training volume and improve on particular weakness as well as advanced skills. THIS GROUP IS NOT A COACHED CLASS. Coach(es) present may be grinding it out too! The club receives additional open gym time, and a vast and detailed program that will fit alongside our daily coached-group programming. Workout alongside other current and/or aspiring and motivated athletes –maybe a coach! Admission to the Competition Club will be by request and consultation and will only take a small monthly fee in addition to your unlimited membership. Take your training to the next level. Find a partner to work with for competition. Or train to crush the open!

CFC's Little Powerhouses

Kids Only Class, for ages 8-13 years old. This membership runs in sessions, not month to month like the other group memberships. During the this month long session, in a fun and exciting environment, we will teach general physical skills, such as endurance, strength, flexibility, power, coordination, agility, balance, and much more. Studies have shown that children who participate in physical fitness activities have increased ability to learn, stay focused, and succeed in school as well as sports! This is a must do for the Little Powerhouse in your life! 

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