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We are a community oriented,  results driven fitness facility committed to creating lifelong fitness.  We see our company as a community centered fitness facility.  Our friendly membership base allows for our members and staff to consistently offer a non-threatening atmosphere to train.  Above the superior professionalism that we maintain we believe safety to be number one on our list.  We strive to continue to offer programs and services that can help our clients reach not just their health and fitness related goals but their life goals as well.  While always reminding our clients to keep training fun.

About Us


Safety. Efficacy. Fun.

CrossFit Charlevoix is here to meet your needs. We want to know your goals, your aspirations, your why. Whether you are a 65 year old accountant, an aspiring college athlete, or simply someone looking for a new hobby, we want to create an exercise environment that is for you. There will never be a one-size-fits-all approach to fitness and health. Our programs are designed to be altered to best suit your individual needs. Our coaches strive to have you moving safely and efficiently. We want to challenge you. We want to be by your side. Fitness is not just the destination. It is a lifestyle.


What is CrossFit? What/Who is CrossFit Charlevoix?

A simple google search will give you, “constantly-varied, functional movement performed at high-intensity.” Yes --our workouts are always different. We perform movements that are found in nature. We pick things up. We squat. We run, push, pull, jump. We perform your everyday movements found in the garden, on the job, at the grocery store. And yes, we love to do them fast! But CrossFit, and CrossFit Charlevoix is so much more than that. Your health is our number one priority. Your fitness goals are our drive. Our community is our pride.


One Family. One Movement.

Our movement is toward REAL fitness --moving and moving well, eating right, getting stronger, losing excess weight. There isn’t a magic pill. This isn’t a 30-day fix. Change takes time, diligence, accountability, and measures of progress. We want YOU to join our community. We want to know your goals. We want to be with you on your fitness journey. When you step into “The Box” you become a part of our family. Let us cheer you on. Fitness programs often forget the importance of community and togetherness. It is not only the results that have us coming back for more. It is the accountability to one another that makes this movement so special.

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CrossFit Charlevoix

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